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Like all Steinway grand pianos, the S-155 contains the passion and expertise of our skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. Developed in 1930, this grand piano proves that anyone can find their own way to express themselves on a Steinway. The Model S grand piano is especially popular because it fits into virtually any home. It is a match for our larger M-170 and O-180 baby grands, because when it comes to sound and touch, a Steinway will always be a Steinway.

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'Probably the central thing about Steinway for me is the singing, sustaining tone... The tone that has personality, that's human, that's not “just a sound” but seems to have a kind of life of its own.'

Jeremy Denk

Steinway Artist

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At 155 cm in length, this “Baby” grand piano was introduced in the 1930’s and features the powerful and rich tone of a much larger piano. Small enough to fit nicely into almost any room, this piano is handcrafted using the same materials and techniques that go into making Steinway concert grand pianos.

The colours displayed by the monitor may differ from the original.

Width:146,5 cm
Length:155 cm
Weight:267 kg

Did you know that it takes a year for a Steinway grand piano to leave our factories in Hamburg and New York – and that it is made up of over 12,000 parts? Steinway grand pianos and upright pianos are continuously developed by skilled and experienced craftsmen and craftswomen so that we can guarantee a Steinway grand piano will be the best possible choice you can make. Each unique piece contains carefully selected wood, the very best materials, 80 per cent pure craftsmanship, precision down to the last 0.1 millimetre and, most of all, a love of music.

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